Someone you know needs your help!

     Welcome to the team.  The featured organization below is raising funds for their program and they could use your help.  Rather than just asking you to donate money, they would like you to purchase one of their personalized fundraising discount cards.  Each card comes loaded with substantial discounts to favorite restaurants, entertainment, recreation, movies, golf, and much more - plus, it's good across the nation for a full year.  Not only will you get tremendous savings, but the card becomes a memorable keepsake as well.  See the discounts for yourself!

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Limited Time BONUS! You'll also receive a FREE $25 gift certificate to for your support




When paying, please remember to note the participant you are supporting so he or she receives credit on your behalf!

"I easily saved what I spent for the card in the first weeK." - Norma Cooper, cardholder
"We would have no problem supporting each year if it meant purchasing a discount card like this." - Eric and Elizabeth Zuhlke, cardholder
"We've bought a lot of  discount cards & books over the years and this is by far the best fundraising product we've ever used." - Jill Sanchez, cardholder

Interested in starting a fundraiser of your own?  You can be one of the thousands of organizations that have successfully raised money by joining the Xtraman Team.

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